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Sibers is new identy of Key-Soft

If you are reading these words it definitely means that you desire to find either the most qualified developers, or the most experienced system architects, or the most talented graphic designers, or, maybe, the best place for hosting.

In any case you are on the beam! Key-Soft will help you along and understand all your needs, even if you are not a technical person. Working partnership with our best specialists (MS in average), will lead to the surefire results. Be sure, you have found a best vehicle to drive your business.

In order not to be unsupported by evidence, please, look at our 10 mature projects, read what our customers write about our work and if you still have any questions, please, contact us and we will clear all your doubts away!

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Risk Probe Software Release June 21, 2007
Sibers (former Key-Soft Ltd) has been successfully developing Asuret Risk Probe product for the last 3.5 years. As a result, new version (build 1.747) of software delivers new attractive features for analyzing risk probe data and generating comprehensive reports. Sibers put a lot of effort to support Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. New version has already received positive feedback from current and potential customers, and now stakeholders requested to work on an online version of software. As possible architecture we consider Microsoft Server 2003 with ASP.net stack and MS SQL Server 2005 for server part.
Sibers is the new identity of Key-Soft October 5th, 2006
It is our pleasure to inform you that on October 7, 2006 our company gained a new name! We introduce Sibers - the new standard in remote programming and outsourcing. The new name, new standards of quality, new website - and old good people proved to be so attentive and professional.

Why we renamed? Because we want to be rich and famous, but do you know any –Soft (except for those Micro- ones) that is rich and famous? Neither do we.

What does Sibers mean? Just everything: Siberia (where we are from), scientific (who we are), cyber (what is in our heads), lastly, beer (what we love)!

What will change to you? Just nothing: we will even automatically forward our emails from the old address.

So, please share with us this great event in our history and... Welcome to Sibers!
Flash Seminar report September 4th, 2006
The last August weekend (26-27 August, 2006) was marked by the first of the series of seminars "Macromedia Flash Application".
News archive
Nick Interdonato, USA
Project Analysis was completed effectively and with the desired result: both parties have a thorough understanding of the requirements and considerations for the project. The UI prototype that was built during analysis will enable us to avoid wasted time and effort on both sides as we move forward with the project.
Mark Flanagan, Avondale Systems Ltd, London, UK
We have been very busy recently and it because of the success with the Compare and Min_price databases Key-Soft designed. They are excellent. We would probably have gone out of business if we didn't have them - they have helped to get us through a very difficult time of trading. Key-Soft team also provided full support for the databases solving any problems or adding new functionality and features, very quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Key-Soft.

For only $99 (non-refundable) you can purchase VIP Service Ticket to start communicating with our pre-project team. Your Dedicated Consultant will contact you as soon as possible.
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Our mature projects:
Virtual Dream Face
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Parking Automation
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Risk Management
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You should know this!

You may ask - why Key-Soft? Hmmmm... indeed, why should you entrust you brain-child to Key-Soft? Believe it or not, but:

First of all we hire only top notch professionals for every IT area. So you don't need to diddle tons of hours on interviews and don't need to rack your head over where to find best specialists. Free yourself or your project managers from overwhelming routine (such as daily control of all the smallest details) and dedicate that time to creative strategic ideas. And what is more you can eventually forget about this "nice" sight of sweating and puzzling developers, what you see is just an excellently implemented finished work!

Secondly, there are no tricks in what we do; "to twist somebody round one's finger" is for sure not our slogan! You pay only for ACTUAL hours worked, not for hours spent just sitting in the office, playing solitaire. Please note - Key-Soft is not a bombast company that recognizes only the $10000 office furniture and drinks coffee from the golden mugs. Our costing is flexible and we are happy to tailor the cost to fit any budget!

What we have as a result? Only two words - true clients! Do we need more? Not at any price!!!
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